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The Fairy and the Cat

Cat Story: How Bradley Kuper Flew to Africa on a Cloud

Bradley Kuper made his first trip outside the flat and was really touched. He always thought that he hadn’t walked outside because he wasn’t allowed to. But, in truth, there were lots of opportunities to sneak out in the yard. The real obstacle for Bradley was his own fear that had lived in his heart for a long time. As for the first time he was walking in the yard he was scared by an angry dog. And only thanks to fairy Marie Bradley managed to go outside and realize that there was unbelievably beautiful there and freedom was floating in the air. That was actually cat's dream that turned into reality. All the fears came off cat’s mind and he was happily smiling and waiting for the fairy. He wanted her to open him the door to happiness – to the yard.

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Once in the morning, when Nikita and his parents went out for their own businesses, the cat was sitting onto the window and waiting for the fairy. He was peering out quite long and suddenly saw that it was going to be rain outside. Bradley did not like water, bathing and any kinds of downfalls at all. He jumped down from the sill in sadness.

“That’s it.... I won’t go outside then,” said the cat sadly and decided to read a book.

Taking few steps he heard a slight noise behind his back. He turned around and saw the fairy Marie.

“Hello, there! At last I could fly to you, Bradley!”

“Hello, Marie! I was waiting for you all the nights and days and you only came when it’s raining. And I cannot go outside,” said the cat in an upset voice.


“Because I hate these downfalls! My fur gets wet and ugly. I hate bathing and get cold,” grumbled the cat with an angry tone and set his eyes on the fairy waiting for a reply.

But the fairy did not like so much negative vibes coming from the cat. She flew to him with all the joy and excitement and thought he would also be happy to meet her. But instead of this the cat spilled his anger out, Marie flew to the window sill and started looking at rain without saying anything. It was perfect. Water drop crossing kilometers of distance reaches the earth. It flies through air thickness, hurries down to bring water to roots of the plants, insects and animals, to fill rivers, lakes, and seas.  It washes people’s faces, so how can someone have so much anger with these magical drops?

“You know, Bradley, if you do not want to walk in the rain, we will walk above it,” told the fairy. She opened the door with her magic wand and they went out onto the balcony. Fairy bewitched stairs to the clouds. Hocus-pocus and stairs were ready!

“Hurry up!” cried the fairy and ran upwards. Bradley was worrying and hesitating but couldn’t allow himself to fall behind this tiny, little girl. He ran after Marie and, in seconds, he was right in the sky.

“How does it feel?” asked the fairy. She enjoyed being in the sky. She always saw the magical sun and all the people from there. All the problems seemed minor and all the beauty lied in front. But Bradley was irritated again.

“Look at me! While I was running I got wet. I’m as wet as fish now.”

The fairy just waved her head.

“Keep tight,” said the fairy. She turned her magic wand into a paddle and began to float on a cloud in the sky as if she were in a boat. The little cloud took a run and went so quickly that Bradley grabbed it really firmly being afraid that he could fall down. Finally the fairy and Bradley were far-far away, some unknown lands and even a desert lied beneath them.

“Where are we?” asked Bradley, he hasn’t seen anything like this with his own eyes before. He remembered Nikita’s books and answered his question. “Can it be Africa?”

“Africa, indeed! It’s hardly raining here. But today my magic wand will make wonder for people in Africa. We’ll spill some rain on them. This dream lived in the heart of one person that was under my care, he did a lot of good deeds this month and deserves this wish to be fulfilled. His good deeds have filled my magic wand with magic and helped us to arrive even at Africa but now my wand is loosing its power and now we have to act! Help me!”

After these words the fairy started to stomp on the cloud squeezing rain out of it. The cat joined also. He scratched the cloud, jumped on it and ran. Finally drop by drop it started raining. Happy men and women of desert in Africa ran out and caught drops with their hands, they were placing buckets, glasses and even caught rain with their lips.

“I’ve never seen such happy people,” said the cat quietly and felt shame for his behavior. He was mad at rain that was worth to be happy about. On the way back Bradley was going downstairs and catching rain drops with his tongue. He wasn’t angry with it any more. He was grateful that rain washes all the travel dust off him, all the sadness, tiredness and shame. As if rain cleared him from ill thoughts, bad behavior and negative words.

“Thank you, Marie,” said the cat at home.

“Are you not angry about your wet fur?”

“It will be dry in an hour. But these memories will be with me for a whole life.”

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