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The Fairy and the Cat

How Marie travelled in the Subway The Fairy Tale of a Good Deed

Once Marie decided to travel in the subway. Though every fairy has got its own magic wings that can bring them far-far away in just a second, violet-hair girl from a magic land wanted to look at people under the ground. She was curious about what those who are not lighten by the sun can think of. Besides the fairy needed to spare her time as her magic wand had uncharged that day, it was lack of good energy and couldn’t fulfill children’s wishes any more and was more like teacher’s pointer or a tree branch. Marie put her wand into the chest pocket close to heart. As soon as any kid shared their good deals with the world the fairy felt it with all her heart and that very moment her magic wand filled itself with enchanting light.

The fairy tale of a good deed : How Marie’s wand shone with light

 While Marie was in subway an interesting idea came up to her mind it was about visiting one very nice cat called Bradley she met a week ago. That was the first cat that could see her and talk to her, that’s why she was surprised. As subway car was driving to the destination station Marie was looking at people around her. Mostly people had a sad look. Some people were reading and the fairy saw how their thinking processes became active. Do you know that after every book you read your brain changed and you become smarter? People cannot see this but fairies do, they clearly see and feel how electric sparkles are going through your brain while you’re reading a book. They look like little lightning strikes in sky. But they are in your head. Brain likes to become active and work. Fairies enjoy watching these lightning sparkles in heads because the children and their electric charges into their heads will be able to move forward the planet in future.

Somebody among subway people was listening to music. The fairy saw how people were daydreaming while listening to the music, they were watching the whole movies in their heads or putting lyrics from songs onto their life stories.  People felt better and happier, the music gave them the feeling that they were not alone in their sad and happy emotions that they had experienced. That was amazing. Though people do not have wings they can fly in their dreams and Marie enjoyed watching this process.

Many people simply relieved their brains and had rest. Marie was glad about those people as they were saving their energy and she believed that someday it would be used for doing good deals so she ‘d be able to return their good back.

And then the fairy saw this remarkable thing. She was sitting in the subway near the boy who was holding a bunch of balloons. These balloons were just ordinary and he was given them in the shop as a gift. He was very happy about it and understood that these three bright balloons belonged to him then. They were blue, pink and yellow colored and they seemed like incredible happiness for a boy. He was holding them close to his heart. On the next stop a woman with a litter girl came into a subway car, the girl sat next to the boy. She turned her head and started looking at the boy’s balloons all the time. I was wondering how the owner of these bright balloons will respond to this look. Will You share the balloons? I mean, they are yours, you can keep them in your room and play with them by tossing them up to the ceiling or you can watch how they slowly let the air out. The boy imagined that to himself and pressed the balloons tighter.

“What beautiful balloons!” said the girl. But the boy did not pay attention.

“These are mine,” just in case, said the boy so the girl stop dreaming about them. But the girl just smiled.

“I know,” she answered and kept watching them with delight. Then she turned her look and started to examine people’s hats. Hats made her wonder not less that day. They were grey, pink, black, red, knitted, fabric and furred. It was cold outside so people wore different and very interesting hats. The boy sat in silence for a minute and then held out one balloon for the girl.

“It is for you,” he said with a smile as if, at last, he could return it back to her.

Girl’s eyes shone and she became very happy. This very moment the fairy’s wand became more powerful, strong enough to return a good deed back to the boy.

Marie imagined what it could have been if the boy did not share his balloons. Nothing. Balloons would have been kept in his room or flied away by the wind before they would come to his room. Or they could have just burst by pouncing over the cactus – just pffff. But the boy behaved very smart. He gave his bright balloon with all his sincerity to make the girl smile. Also he filled the fairy’s wand with good light by doing that.  Fairy tale about a good deed in the subway turned out to be a real one that day.

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