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The Fairy and the Cat

The Story about Electricity: Who is Elon Musk and why Bradley Liked him so much

Lately Bradley the cat felt energy and interest waking up inside him. Marie flew to him almost every day, she turned his spring into a real miracle because she was opening the balcony door for him. The cat started to go out for the first time in his life and experienced a real life outside. He always knew that he was not just usual highbred home cat, he always had this interest for nature and he did not like much over obsessive home comfort. His guesses became a real discovery of his true nature for Bradley himself the moment he went out and fought his fear of the street. Since then he is always incredibly glad to meet the fairy who always comes to him and makes his wish to take a walk outside.

Bed time Story: The Story about Electricity and Elon Musk. Why do we need always put out the lights?

Once Bradley was waiting for the fairy as she did not come for a while, he was worrying and walking through the house back and forward waving his tail nervously. To distract himself a little he decided to watch TV but he couldn’t as it turned out that the electricity was off. They switched of the electricity very rarely so the cat was worrying even more, fortunately he found a scientific magazine and started to read it. That’s how Bradley found out about Elon Musk and his electric cars.
“Humph,” hummed Bradley when seeing the title of the article, “ why do we need electric cars if the electricity can be switched off so easily?”


But the more the cat was reading the more he was getting excited by Elon Musk, the inventor of those cars.
“It’s unbelievable!” said the cat and the fairy flew into the room.
“Hello, Bradley! Why are you so surprised?”
“Hello, Marie! You cannot imagine but I have just read incredible news about Elon Musk. This millionaire is saving our planet! Did you know how petrol pollutes our atmosphere?”
“I did. My magic wand always gains more power when children are riding bike. I couldn’t understand why my magic does not shine when mom and dad take their child to the kindergarten by taxi but when a child refuses to go by taxi in favor of bike the wand is shining. I thought where the good deed was. Just a bike. But in truth bicycles are not just fun they also help our nature to stay clean.”


“Elon Musk produces these cars! In comparison with usual combustion engine cars, Elon’s cars do not pollute our atmosphere. You cannot think how unsalutary the air in big cities is. For example, in Beijing the capital city of the Republic of China, people wear masks because of polluted air. But Elon Musk is one of those people who likes our planet and spends billions of dollars to find a way to preserve it. Also, he builds rockets that may help humanity to open the secrets of universe quicker. And you know what? Dear fairy that makes dreams come true, I also have my dearest wish!”
“Do you? I always think that only people may have their dearest wishes. But I see that a cat can also have it. What is it?”
“I want to meet Elon Musk and to have in space journey.”
The fairy looked at her wand and understood that it has a little power to fulfill this dream but she did not say anything to the cat, she did not want to sad him. However, Bradley surprised her as though she could read her mind.
“But do not think, Mary, that I will only hope for your wand. I believe that I can turn my dream into reality by myself. As Elon Musk fight for his dream on his own. He was born in South African Republic and learnt programming on his computer all by himself when he was 10. That means that I also can, cannot I? And also when he was 12 years old he could not only create his own computer games but also sell them. He sold one for 500 dollars!”
“What a persistent spirit! I always help to fulfill wishes to those like you. Since they also do much to achieve their goals.”
Bradley looked at Elon’s photo in the magazine and sighed with happiness. At this moment electricity appeared in the house again. The cat quickly run across the flat and switched off the lights in the kitchen and bathroom.
“I will start with little steps. I will spare electricity and it means natural resources,” said the cat.
After that he and Marie went walking together.

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