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Tricks with spins for beginners

Recently no one knew about them. Today it is shameful don’t own a spinner. The toy-antistress took possession of the world, consciousness, shops, the Internet and appeared in the families of every self-respecting child. It helps not only to remove stress, but also to amaze others with their abilities! Do you want to become a rotational mage of the eightieth level? We collected the best tricks for beginner spins in one article!

Tricks with Spinners: Training

The first trick with the spinner is the simplest. The main thing is to keep the balance with one hand. Pinch the spine between the thumb and middle finger, untwist and quickly shift to the middle finger. The spinner will rotate on it.

Double flight
Spin the spinner between the thumb and forefinger. Throw it to the next hand, without stopping. Grab it with your thumb and middle finger. It is important to catch and catch the toy for the cushion, without stopping its rotational movements.

Spin the spinner and throw it up. Catch two fingers for the pad.

This trick with the spinner requires training. You should learn how to twist the toy on every finger. It turns out? Try to transfer the spinner from one finger to the other. Repeat the trick with all your fingers, ending with the little finger. The latter will be the most difficult, but training will necessarily turn you into a dodger.

Now try to throw the toy from the inside of the palm to the outside. Spin the spinner and throw it up, quickly turn your hand and catch it with your hand. It is necessary to feel a good fit.

Select the spinning wheel

To tricks with a spinner for beginners came out excellent, you should choose a good and high-quality antistress product. Psychologists say that the toy has become not only a whim of children, it really helps to relieve stress and develops small motor skills. There are spinners made of plastic and metal. The first are cheaper, the latter are more reliable. Better still stop at metal or ceramic, because the child will try different tricks, the toy can repeatedly fall to the floor. Plastic will quickly deteriorate, parents can break and scold their crumbs, which only they want, learn how to do steep stunts with a spinner. There are also toys with lights and lamps.

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