The Best Bedtime Stories online

“GoodNight” Stories read online

Long ago psychologists proved that a fairy tale is a special way of communicating and delivering love from a parent to a child. Book that is read by a mother, a father, or grandparents helps to shape child’s basic values,  develop his imagination, make a kid peaceful and be prepared to sleep. Traditional folk tales are not the only to read but modern stories as well. “GoodNight” stories represent the most well loved modern tales among parents. Here you can find short-stories and teaching tales about  Peppa Pig, Moonzy adventures, PAW Patrol, Ninja Turtles, Winx and other animated characters. This may draw your kids’ attention and let them stay more with their favorite cartoon characters and an amused kiddo would be tremendously grateful to parents.

Reading Tales to Children

How to properly perform these parental ceremonies of putting your child to bed?

  • It’s not a good idea to eat right before your bedtime, the last meal of the day must be two hours before you go to sleep.
  • Warm glass of milk is acceptable.
  • Remind your kid to visit bathroom and clean the teeth before going to bed.

Since all the needs are satisfied, procedures are done and your  progeny won’t be distracted or got troubled, you may read a tale to a kid with a clear conscience. A bedtime tale shall be read with a calm voice, psychologists advise not to choose adventure stories or of an action nature but to stop a choice at kind and relaxed that would tune your kiddo to sleep and lull. To draw child’s attention you may sit near him and show illustrations from the book or place yourself at his feet and let a kid dream and imagine the heroes all by himself.

Don’t forget that children’s mind cannot be focused for more than six minutes, their attention would be distracted if your reading is too long. The best time length is 5-10 minutes.

It is important to read tales on an everyday basis, it’s not a habit but a kind of tradition. This tradition itself helps your kid to be solid that his world is steady.  However you’d better not to read a tale while you’re in a bad mood or upset, ask someone to replace you or explain to your child that you’re feeling unwell otherwise your kid could catch your “moody state” without even noticing.

It’s no less important to choose the tale for a kid as it brings morale within and if the story is cruel then a child could form an incorrect vision of his reality. As an example a Tale about Mermaid tells us that the true love is cruel and even leads to death.  Cinderella teaches girls to wait for their prince. Very sensitive children could receive wrong attitudes into their subconscious mind which would need to be corrected with a psychologist in future. We would like to offer you find your tale right now and read it to your baby before sleep.

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