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The Tale of Tanya and How the Cat Admired Watching the Flying Packet

Marie the fairy woke up and stretched out in her bed. She got up and took her magic wand out of the bedside cabinet stroking her wings with it and making them sparkle with more magic light and their violet color became even brighter and more beautiful. Then Marie combed her hair with a magic brush and her curls began shining with radiance.

After that fairy opened the window and took a deep breath of fresh air rejoicing at a new day that has come. She jumped out of the window and flew to the water spring that was flowing in the garden next by her house.  She washed her face and it became cleaner and sweeter. Her cheeks were rosy, her lips were ruby. All fairies knew that to stay beautiful you need to take care of your appearance and yourself. Then all your body, face, hair, shoulders, back and your waist are filled with magic of beauty because beauty is energy. Early in childhood the fairy was taught to look after herself by reading a tale about a little girl.

But Marie also knew that morning procedures are not quite enough. It is important to spend your day doing a good business. Because only by exchanging energy you can multiply it. And this is the only way you can make magic wand shine with good power and fulfill wishes of all children.  And this is the only mean she will always have energy and be always beautiful.

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Marie flew to fulfill children’s wishes. First she went to Tanya. Tanya’s dearest wish was wheat cream. Rather its absence at her kindergarten. People cooked it horribly there. It was sticky and lumpy.  But the most horrible thing was that her nursery governess made every child eat the porridge all up. That was the reason why Tanya did not like to go to kindergarten.

Marie came to Tanya in the morning and understood that this tiny princess deserved her wish to be fulfilled. As she gave this world a lot of good and love, she patted and fed her cat every day, watered flowers, brought food for birds and braided her mother’s hair though her mom did not like that much. The fairy was thinking a while how to perform the girl’s wish. She flew to the kindergarten cook but his soul was cold. Marie couldn’t turn wheat cream into a delicious meal for children with the hand of a cook. So she flew to the nursery governess and understood everything. Marie rolled her magic wand in her hands and fulfilled Tanya’s dream. The nursery governess received a message from her beloved and started to shine from happiness. This evening a bit later she received a proposal to get married. Since that very day she never yelled at children and did not make them eat tasteless wheat cream. All children were very glad!

Having put out all her power to solve the puzzle with Tanya’s wish Marie came to her new friend Bradley. She was very glad to have this new and clever friend who always learned new things.

“Shall we take a walk?” asked the fairy the moment she flew into his house.

The cat was awaiting this offer as he liked to feel freedom so much and catch life in the streets. The fairy opened the balcony door and they appeared in the street shortly.

“What a wonderful spring! And I’m so glad that you came, Marie!” said Bradley looking at trees, green grass, listening to birds singing, smelling flowers and feeling cold ground under his paws instead of laminate floor.

“I also missed you very much, Bradley. What new things have you learnt these days while we were not seeing each other? “

“As an example, I have learnt about Elon Musk and now I’m dreaming about an electric car. You can’t imagine but there are cars that are electric charged and are not harmful for our nature!”

“It’s fascinating!”

“I can tell you about this next time and now I’m sorry but I want to throw all my thoughts from my head and just enjoy fresh air, outdoor noise and smell of early spring.”

The fairy understood everything and was silent. The cat was doing the right thing. It was pity that she couldn’t let herself to stop and enjoy the moment breathing in the aroma of an early spring.  But now standing next to Bradley she felt the necessity to relax and open her soul towards the call of nature. However in 5 minutes their peaceful contemplation of beauty was ruined by a plastic packet flying into the air.

The Little Girl Tale: How Tanya helped the nature

“Look, how beautiful it is!” said Bradley. He was staring at how the packet was soaring in the air. It was like a dance and then it slightly touched the tree and stopped.

“It is not beautiful. The matter is that these packets harm our nature. Organic waste can rot into the ground very quickly but plastic packets take a great deal of time. For example banana skin will rot in 6 days but for a packet it will last 100-200 years! Plus this flying “beauty” is on the tree now covering its pure beauty of coming bloom.”

“I think, I understood,” said Bradley who also liked nature and wanted to preserve its treasures.

Suddenly the packet fell down off the tree and flew to the ground. There it was picked by the Tanya girl! She was just getting home from kindergarten in a happy and joyful mood. It was not difficult for her to pick the packet up and take it to the waste bin. This very moment the fairy’s wand shone with more light as this girl deserved one more wish to be fulfilled.

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