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Coloring Pages My Little Pony

The cartoon “My Little Pony” was shown in 2010, and the last series was released in 2019. During this time, ponies became real stars. Girls from three to eighteen love heroines, beg their parents to buy them T-shirts, thermoses, pajamas, briefcases and other goods with cute horses. Coloring pages Pony are so popular. You can take them with you in trip, to the doctor, do drawing while waiting for food in a cafe or just have fun at home with drawings.

Coloring pages for My Little Pony print

We have prepared for you 12 pony pictures. You can download, print and colorize them. In the file below you will find the following pictures:

Pony Coloring pages

Interesting facts about My Little Pony

1. The cartoon is much deeper than you might think. The key theme is friendship. The main character, Twilight Sparkle, travels to Ponyville to find out all about friendship. She finds friends - other ponies. If she encounters any misunderstandings in everyday life, she tries to correct them, restore harmony in friendship. The cartoon My Little Pony is very instructive, because children often quarrel and do not cherish their relationship. Because of stupidity, they can remain enemies for life. Although, having learned to be friends, they can continue their warm relations and carry them through the years.
2. Many people do not realize that at first manufacturers created pony toys. Then a cartoon appeared, as well as many other related products, including pony coloring pages. Often in the world of animation, it happens the other way around - animations appear, then production. The world saw the pony toys back in 1983.
3. The script was created by My Little Pony a feminist. Usually cartoons based on a series of toys were disastrous and boring. Lauren Faust was invited to work on the script, and at first she was skeptical about the idea, knowing about the statistics of failures. But then she decided to take everything as a challenge. Why not make ponies not typical and boring girl characters, but heroes with an important mission, courageous, courageous, interesting and at the same time very beautiful? The owners of the channel agreed with Lauren and gave her creative freedom.
What came of it? Today about the pony from the cartoon girls all over the world know. We wish you to fill coloring pages pony with love and joy, revive the characters and have fun!

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