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Fairy Tale of Success

Hedgehog Boole has always a little regretted that he was not born a lion or a tiger. He saw and heard about this such powerful and powerful animals, the masters of all others, strong and successful. Booll was just a hedgehog. His main weapon was spines and the ability was to hide in a ball. No sharp claws, no fangs, no strong body, which would allow you to quickly reach the victim, no dexterity, no strength. A fairy tale of success will tell about Hedgehog Boole wanted to become he was not born.

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Many friends of the hedgehog also regretted that they were not born to lions and tigers, bears or wolves. But they did not want to just regret it. One of Boole's friends read books about how to become a lion. Someone went to trainings. Someone watched the video on Youtube.

"It may seem that this is a fairy tale about success. But in fact, everything is extremely simple. You wake up at six in the morning and start to run. This is the first stepping in if you want to succeed. Next hour for meditations, positive programing for the day, living feelings of gratitude. Another half hour for study. Further half an hour for disclosing of creative potential - you write the ideas, plans. Then you do your work. You only take a break for lunch. Then you can make network.

"What? - interrupted his friend squirrel John. Squirrel has long been trying to explore the various ways to achieve success, he was the most advanced among those who also wanted to change their lives for the better."
"Networking. This is the creation around itself of useful links, acquaintances. The more helpful and influential people around you, the easier it will be to achieve success."
"How difficult it all is."
"Nobody said it was easy. Every your communication in school and in sports circles should be aimed at building successful connections so that in future you can do business together or help each other. In general, until eight in the evening you need to do your work. And then you can go in for sports. And go to bed at ten-eleven. Do not forget to read before this some useful book."
"And so will I become a lion?"

Hedgehog recorded the entire sequence of actions that John told him.
"Remember, in a few days you will get tired of living in such a complicated schedule. And a fairy tale of success will happen to those who have not abandoned their path and have continued to carry out all actions. Sometimes you will not have the strength to live in such a rhythm, you will want to sleep all day, retreat from the goal. At this moment, you will cease to be a lion, and at night you will become a cowardly prickly hedgehog."

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Hedgehog for ten days did everything that the squirrel said. He got up early and ran. Although it was difficult to run on his short legs, but the hedgehog tried its best. Then he penetrated deep into himself, meditated, renouncing his thoughts, pacifying his mind. And then Boole was filled with favorable feelings - he wished everyone peace, thanked all his friends, parents, friends, the Universe, the Forest for helping him to become what he is. Further, Bule studied the lessons. Then he went to school. He did not waste time playing games on changes. He tried to create networking, tried to make friends with animals from other classes, learn about their goals and interests. After school, Hedgehog taught lessons, and also helped neighbors paint the fence, collect apples, carry the milk from the cow. The hedgehog was very tired, but was pleased with the fact that he adhered to his path.

One day, Hedgehog Buly carried milk in the evening, which the bunny family ordered from a cow. Bunnies lived far from the center, so the path was long and exhausting. Hedgehog Boole rushed with all his might, but was very tired. Suddenly he saw a handsome black Mercedes in front of him. The car stopped near the hedgehog.
"Where are you going, young man?" - asked lion, who was sitting behind the wheel. Boole was stunned with delight. A real lion with a real car!
"On the street Heart."
"I'm going there too. Sit down, I'll give you a ride."

Hedgehog sat down to Leo and was incredibly pleased with this acquaintance. He remembered about networking and immediately began to ask Leo questions.
- Tell us how you achieved success! Did you get up early and run? Achieved one goal after another?

- Yes, it was. My father did it, I also did it. Was successful. And you know what I'm sorry about? About the fact that when I was young, like you, I did not play badminton, did not ride on a swing, did not yank girls for tails, did not draw classics. My childhood passed by me, and it is in childhood that we learn to be happy and carefree. Now I have this Mercedes, but happiness has passed somewhere.

The hedgehog came out of the car and realized that the fairy tale about success is not a fairy tale about happiness. And that even if a lion that is strong by nature experiences sadness, then to him - let alone to pursue success at such a pace. Since then, Hedgehog has decided to be in balance of happiness and success.

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