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How Bunny Po learned to spend time without light

Po Bunny really liked his cell phone. He had many interesting games and friends with whom he chatted on the Internet. If at school he did not always answer well and receive the approval of teachers, he always won in games. Po also had a lot of online friends. His best friend Billy the Hedgehog left the Magic Forest because the forest was attacked by dragons. Now they could only communicate with him by phone. That’s why you can understand why Po would wake up and go to sleep with his mobile device.

“You went in vain. Our life has hardly changed.” - wrote Po Bulyu.
“I miss our forest very much and I want to go back. - Billy answered. - But the parents don't want it yet. They are waiting for the dragons to burn and stop throwing their layers of fire into our forest.”
“We are also here waiting for it. But believe me, it's not scary at all.”

A modern fairy tale for children online: how the light went out

Looked like someone overheard Po Bunny from above and decided to prove him wrong. The dragons, in turn, began to spew layers of fire from their ugly throats, which flew straight into the forest and hit the magical houses with fireflies. Fireflies usually gathered in these houses, and it got so much light that it was enough to illuminate the entire forest. Light came to every house through wires. The dragons realized that they could frighten the beasts if they destroyed the fireflies' houses and there would be nowhere to gather. Then the light will disappear in the whole forest.

So only after writing to Billy that it is not scary in the Magic Forest, Po found himself in complete darkness. Bunny disliked four things in his life: mushrooms, broccoli, dragons and the dark. But what scared Po the most in the dark was the fact that his phone could run out of power quickly. And then he could not dive into his bright and cheerful world of games, win, get rewards, improve the appearance of his hero. It was a real tragedy.
“Po! How are you, son?” - his mother ran to the rabbit, holding a candle in her hands.
Po looked at his phone and saw 5% interest.
“I'm terrible, mother. I almost died.”
“What are you saying? A person can’t say something like that about himself!”
“My cell phone will run out of power now.”
“Well, that's good. Let's go play games together.”

Bunny knew that his mother would be happy because his phone was running low. For some reason, all parents really dislike phones. Po understood that this is all due to the fact that parents did not have cell phones when they were children and they are simply jealous of their children. They said about the phones so much. That they are guilty of having a bad posture, a bad eyesight, bad teeth, bad attention, bad grades. At the same time, the parents themselves were constantly sitting on their phones. It was the same this time.

Mom called everyone into the living room, but Po's younger brother Ronnie was sitting on the phone and playing, dad was reading the news on the phone, and mom was also texting with her friend on the phone.
“We are having fun guys. Such interesting games.” - Po said offended, looking at the laid out game, in which no one had started to play.
“You are right, son. This is not the case. - Dad realized his mistake. - Come on, let's put down our phones and play together.”
“This is not fair. Po forgot to charge his phone, and we all have to suffer. I will not put the phone down.” - Ronnie muttered stubbornly.
“Let's play two games at the same time. Let's put the phones away and play a board game. Whoever picks up the phone first will wash all the dishes tonight!” - said the mother, who understood that it would not be possible to turn on the dishwasher, and she really didn't want to stand by the sink.
“Let’s do it!” - father supported the idea, he also was afraid that mother would make him wash the dishes.
“Let’s do it!” - said Po, who understood that his 5% had already turned into 2%.
“Well ok” - said Ronnie and put the phone aside.

It turned out that in real life the games were fun too. The family played Dixit. This game contained cards to which you had to come up with associations. Po loved to fantasize and come up with interesting names for the cards. The bunnies' dad kept looking at the phone. He really wanted to check and read about the news. So it seemed to him that he could control the situation and be aware of everything, which means that he would be better able to protect the most important thing in the world - his family. But dad controlled himself and did not touch his smartphone. Mom was also constantly staring at the phone and worried whether her relatives would write her an important message. But both really didn't want to wash the dishes. It was mentioned that for dinner the mom would roast meat and cook buckwheat. Washing the pan after buckwheat is not fun. Therefore, the mother also tried her best to forget about the phone. That's how the family evening passed. It turned out that life without light was very fun.

How a family found light in the darkness

Meanwhile, one of the important dragons was looking at the Magical Forest through binoculars.

“Well? Haven’t they raised the white flag yet? Scared of the dark? Are they afraid of us? Do they give up?”
“Not really”
“Did you break the house of fireflies?” - asked the important dragon indignantly.
“Yes, and they have no light. But it seems they are not afraid.”
“It is impossible to live without light! They should be scared! - raged the dragon.
But every family of the Magic Forest found something to do to their heart's content. And as it turned out, if you find an activity you like, you can light up the house even without fireflies. It is only necessary to give the soul something pleasant, as it begins to shine on its own.

After dinner, Dad and Po started playing chess. The bunny still did not know how to play and dad realized that this was the best opportunity to teach his son.
“Honey, what's up with the news? - asked my mother. - Can you check? When will the light be given?|
Dad reached for the phone, but at the last moment withdrew his hand.
“Such a trick! Check it yourself!” - said dad.
Mom let out a disappointed sigh. She noticed her son. Little Ronnie was upset, so mom found a book of fairy tales for children and began to read it to her youngest son.

Nobody washed the dishes that evening. But everyone was very satisfied. It turns out that spending time with parents is not so boring. Only in the morning were the houses of the fireflies repaired and they were able to gather together again so that light appeared in all the houses. Po was able to charge the phone, mom and dad loaded the washing machine together.

“I wish the dragons would throw a ball at us today so that we could play together.” Ronnie said during the breakfast.
“You don't have to wait for it to play board games together! - said dad. - I suggest that we all go to the store together today and buy more games. There are many very interesting ones!”
“And also books with fairy tales!” - asked Ronnie.
“And you can sculpt from plasticine together, or draw, or even write fairy tales together! said Po. - We can even start reading a book about how to make games, come up with ideas for games when it's dark and when it's light, program games on the computer.”
“And we can sew Halloween costumes together!” - said mother.

So once again the plan of the insidious dragons did not work. Instead of being frightened, the beasts of the forest once again overcame their fear, united together and found inner light.

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