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Fairy tale of the dinosaur who wanted to become bold

In one distant-far country, which is located behind wide seas and dense forests, lived a small dinosaur. He was very kind and good, but didn’t have friends at all, so he was constantly bored. The reason for this situation was his large growth. Our dinosaur, despite his young age, was a real giant, because he came from the family of Diplodocus - the largest animals that ever lived on Earth. Therefore it wasn’t such a big surprise that others were afraid of him, because they used to judge others by their appearance. Our fairy tale about the dinosaur will tell you that appearance is deceptive.

Fairy tale about a dinosaur who was afraid of everyone

Once upon a time Arlo, that is the name of our hero, lived with his mother and father in the country of dinosaurs, where everything was really gigantic: trees, houses and even playgrounds. Everyone was happy in that country, there was very comfortable life. But later the father-dinosaur changed jobs, so the family had to move to a new country where ordinary animals lived, rather than large dinosaurs. Arlo was upset because he did not have friends, and finding new ones was very difficult. Everyone was afraid of a dinosaur, because they thought that such a big beast could hit them, bite or even eat them. Nobody even realized that Arlo, like his parents, is herbivorous, loves fresh green leaves the most, and does not even think about eating someone. But since no one knew about this, everyone was afraid of the dinosaur and kept to one side.
On the other hand, Arlo did not go first to contact himself. Apparently it looked ridiculous and implausible, but he was afraid. Yes, even giant dinosaurs can be extremely shy in their hearts.
So passed days after days, Arlo dreamed that someday he would become bold, but he did not dare to change anything in his life. And our fairy tale about dinosaurs for children could have a completely different end, if not for one occasion.

Tale of dinosaurs for children: how to become bold

Once Arlo went to school. Along the way, he always experienced: no one laughs with him, asked him about his homework on mathematics, whether he will break anything in school because of his awkwardness. Suddenly these thoughts and fears were interrupted by an unexpected cry: as it turned out, a new resident appeared in the country - a predatory and formidable lion was hunting small and defenseless animals. This time his victim was a squirrel – Arlo’s classmate. Seeing that she was in danger, our dinosaur instantly forgot about his fearfulness and rushed to the rescue.

The lion did not expect resistance and was very frightened of the dinosaur, was much larger than him, therefore he left the prey alone and disappeared. Squirrel was surprised, because she was afraid of Arlo, thinking that he could eat her. And it turned out that it was this giant who became her savior.
After this incident the squirrel and dinosaur became inseparable friends. Arlo was very happy, because his two cherished dreams were realized at once: first, other animals did not fear him, but on the contrary, wanted to make friends, and secondly, he managed to overcome his fear and become bold.
And new friends of the dinosaur also got a lesson - one should never think of others badly, because appearance is often deceiving.

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