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The Fixies or New Adventures of Tom Thomas and Little Warranty Creatures

One day Tom Thomas decided to gather his friends, he had discussed it with his mom earlier and made to-do-list for the meeting day. Before friends would come he needed to clean his room, make tea and warm pizza into microwave oven. It was not that difficult but Tom Thomas could not do that without misadventures and troubles even in this simple task. How the boy hardly burnt his house and what happened next you may read in the new fairy tale about Fixies – itty-bitty helping human like creatures that can assist you in every trouble.

The Fixies or How Simka and Nolik saved a House from Fire

Tom Thomas was longing to meet his friends the other day. He liked to receive guests a lot, play different games, show his toy car collection and tell different interesting stories. Though he wasn’t bored the other days as well, he had Fixies with him. Yes, you did not mishear, it’s not a fantasy, Fixies do exist. They fix our technical devises and help Tom Thomas in all his misadventures. But the boy still liked much more to spend his time with friends from his school.
When the day came Tom Thomas decided to play computer for a while instead of started to prepare for coming guests. The game was so exciting that the boy forgot about everything he had had in mind. Mom’s call brought him to reality, she wanted to be sure that her son was doing ok.
“Yes, mom, I have prepared myself and got everything done!” lied Tom Thomas. He didn’t even have time to think that telling lies to his mom was a bad thing. His friends were about to come and there was nothing ready. The boy didn’t switch off his computer and started to do vacuum cleaning then he decided to warm pizza up. The microwave oven was on, he kept up cleaning but remembered about tea! Before plugging in the electric teakettle the boy remembered that once before Simka had told him something about simultaneous work of several electrical devices but the boy did not have enough time to remember it with more details. After that Tom Thomas heard a strange crack sound from the receptacle but did not pay much attention to that as he was busy preparing for the friends coming.

“By the way, I need to iron my new shirt!” exclaimed he and turned on the electric iron. At that moment sparks started to shower from the receptacle making the boy very scared.
“We’re on fire! Help! Simka, Nolik, please help!!” he guessed to call them.
Fixies were there immediately. Having heard how their friend was screaming scarily they came at once to him and understood what had happened.
“But I have told you before that it is dangerous to switch on several electronic devices at the same time,” Simka started to teach the boy again. Tom Thomas was so confused and felt guilty with his eyes locked on the ground. He was waiting for his friends so much that forgot to think about safety.

“This is good that nothing horrible happened. If we were not here, you’d have to call a fire brigade and put out the fire. It was about to happen,” Nolik continued. “Never do this again. You mustn’t plug several power devices into one receptacle at the same time, you’d better switch them in turn.”
“I understand. I’ll never repeat my mistakes again,” said Tom Thomas. “Thank you for coming to help me, guys.”
“But we are friends!” said Simka and Nolik with one voice. They were truly glad to help the boy and teach him how to behave oneself properly with home electronics.
In a moment there was a knock at the door and Tom Thomas rushed to open it and meet his friends, there were a small screw and a bolt on the floor instead of Fixies. Simka and Nolik turned into these spare parts to be unnoticed. They were sure that the boy had learned this lesson.

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