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Fairy Tale of Cars

In the country of the automobile there was a school of cars. There different cars studied. Their teacher, Mr. Jones, was sure that the best cars were listened to every day, doing their homework, answered at the board. But the spoiled cars spin on the spot, they look out the window, play at the changes, drive along the corridor. Mr. Jones liked to quarrel with the cars of their parents and write a note in the diary. So it became easier for him. The tale of cars tells about how the teacher understood his mistakes.

Tale of cars read online

Once Mr. Jones and his class went to the forest with an overnight stay. They took with them a tent, food, mosquito cream, ball, games. Breathe air, admire nature, look at ants and insects! The outline of the walk was magical. Cars were very fond of being in nature, because they had to ride too often on the dusty asphalt.
In the beginning everything was good. The cars listened to the teacher, wheeled the wheels calmly, looked at the forest. They found a wonderful clearing and decided to settle there. They spread out the tents, started playing games. Mr. Jones gave a lecture on biology, told about the species of plants and animals that live in the forest. Then he saw Bob, the car, not listening to his story, but turning from side to side. The teacher most of all could not stand Bob, because he constantly prevented the conduct of lessons and chased the corridor faster than everyone.
"Bob, what did I just say?" Asked Mr. Jones.
"I'm sorry, I did not hear. I looked at the butterfly." Said Bob, and all the children laughed.
"Bob, when I told a tale about cars, you admired the snow when you told the history of the appearance of a diesel engine, you looked at the sky, and now the butterfly. When will you listen to me? I told you that there are no dangerous animals in this forest. For example, bears."
"It's strange. When we walked here, I looked around carefully and saw the tracks of a bear."
"It's impossible. I read dozens of books about this deciduous forest, there can not be bears here. You must listen carefully to me, and not to look at and invent."
"But I saw ..." Bob complained. And he became restless. If the teacher does not believe in the bear, and the bear still comes to them at night?
A few hours later the sun began to sink to the horizon, and Bob walked through the clearing and listened carefully to the forest. Suddenly he saw a bear walking to a clearing.

A Tale of Wheelbarrows for Children

Bob shouted loudly to the wheelbarrows:
"Save yourself! Quickly stop by that hill, the bear will be difficult to get there! And I rushed for help!" - Bob reacted to the happening at lightning speed. He ran to the city to call rescuers. He had a lot of energy, that's why at school he often ran in the corridors. Bob quickly rushed into the city and called rescuers into the forest.

When the brigade was in the clearing, all the cars climbed up the hill and trembled with fear. And the bear almost approached them. Another minute and the beast would have injured one of the car. But the rescuers threw on his network and saved the children.

"Bob, I have to admit. Not always knowledge is the highest value. Attentive, ability to think, quick reaction - that was so valuable today and saved us. Forgive me." Said Mr. Jones to Bob in front of all the children and rescuers. Bob was very pleased that he was first appreciated so highly and did not scold.
Since then, at school, all the children have considered Bob a hero.
Our fairy tale about cars has come to an end. Do you like running around in the hallway at school? And how after a hard day is your falling asleep? 🙂

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