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Tale about Moonzy: read online

Moonzy is an animated character that many children became fans of. But this moon creature doesn’t live just in your laptop or on TV screen, let us read together a fairy tale about Moonzy online and find out which adventures of this little fellow are not filmed yet.

Reading the Tale about Moonzy

One day Moonzy woke up and heard the ringing noise outdoors. He peeped out and saw that Skip was riding a bike. Moonzy ran outside!

“Skip! Have you got a bike?”

“Indeed! I was given it yesterday!” Skip answered happily and began to ride around his friend.

“But how did you learn to ride?” wondered Moonzy.

“Quite easy and fast! Do you want to try?”

Moonzy was very happy and jumped onto Skip’s bike straight away. He thought that he, at once, could ride along the path as perfectly and quickly as Skip. But the moment he sat onto this two-wheeler bicycle, he tumbled down and fell. Moonzy felt pain as he hurt his knee. The moon creature didn’t cry but was insulted and scared.

“Try it again,” offered the green grasshopper but Moonzy just shaked his head and ran away home. Skip was riding near his house for a long then, ringing his bell. And Moonzy was just sighing heavily.


Grandma Capa noticed that her grandson was upset. She saw that a little boy was looking through the window at his friend and barely crying. She understood everything. Next day Moonzy woke up and almost got faint. There was a bicycle in his room. The boy ran into the kitchen and saw his grandparents.

“Are you happy, Moonzy?”

“Wwwwhy did you buy it for me?”

“We wanted you to ride along with your friend!”

“Thanks. I am very happy,” said Moonzy. But in truth he was very frustrated. Cause he was afraid to sit on the bike again and going somewhere. He did not want to fall and feel the pain once again.  That’s why he closed himself up in the room. Grandma Capa asked if he wanted to have a ride. But Moonzy said that he needed to finish his painting. In the evening he went to play with a little bee. And the next day he was also constantly busy.
“Moonzy!” shouted Skip having noticed his friend with Dottie on the riverbank. “Why don’t you ride your bike?! I came round and saw it!”

“I am helping Dottie to build the tower,” uttered Moonzy.

“I did not even know that you have one!” wondered Dottie the ladybird. “And did you not tell anything? I mean, it’s more interesting to ride than to build towers!”

“But no! I cannot leave you alone!” the moon creature started to explain.

But Dottie yet insisted that Moonzy would take out his bike and start to ride. Moonzy obeyed and went home. He took out the bike but was really scared to sit on it. And the moment he wanted to fight his fear and sit Dottie shouted.

“Wait! You may fall! Let me hold you first and you will learn how to spin the pedals. And then you’ll be spinning all by yourself!”

“OK!” said Moonzy rejoicing. He climbed onto the bicycle and Dottie was holding him behind. They were riding together for a long while trying to catch up with Skip. They were enjoying themselves, laughing, running and riding fast. And after a couple of hours quickly spinning the pedals Moonzy understood that Dottie was no longer behind his back and he was riding all by himself! He felt even happier then. And so then little moon fellow understood that if you want to do something well, you need to learn. As no one is able to ride a bike at first. But having learnt once, you can do what you like for a whole life and extremely enjoy it .

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