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How The Little One Lost His Optimism

Sponge Bob was the biggest optimist in the Bikini Boton. The optimist is the person who looks at everything from the positive side, believes that everything is for the better. He appreciates all that he has and sincerely enjoys every event in life. The bedtime SpongeBob reading tells how it will be if a yellow funny little one in square pants loses his optimism.

Bedtime story of Sponge Bob: read online for kids

One day on a sunny, beautiful morning, baby Bob woke up and was surprised how beautiful the birds were singing. He was happy with the new day, because in front of him was waiting for his favorite pastime - to cook the crabs all day long from morning till night. Although his salary was small, Sponge Bob adored his occupation - he could invest his love in every roasted meatball and give people incredible taste sensations. Its so beautiful, isn't?
Sponge Bob put on his pants, brushed his teeth, washed himself, ate and went to work. On the way he met Patrick, a friend said to him:
"Sponge, do not you think you're too smiling today? Another dull day awaits you ahead, the weather is so hot, what's there to rejoice about?"
"But, Patrick, the weather's fine! The birds sing, and my work is beautiful!"
"Frying meatball all day - is it wonderful? Really?"
Sponge Bob decided that Patrick was in a bad mood and went on. At work, he met Squidward. The octopus was always sad and complained of life.
"Another day of terrible work, to serve stupid customers. How I got fed up with the fact that these commoners do not appreciate my talent. How I got tired of selling them crabbers. Even worse - make these sandwiches, like you, square pants."
"But, Squidward, frying cutlets is not so bad! This is a kind of art, but close to people!"
"No, our work is terrible, and you are rejoicing in vain."
Spongebob reading a book online free
After the second time in the morning, Sponge heard that he was looking at the world too optimistically, Bob decided to reconsider his views on life. Perhaps he really sees everything in pink glasses? Does it embellish reality? But in fact, everything is bad?
"But it's true. Fry the meatball - awful. I could manage a whole cafe, I know about it better than Mr. Crabs. But instead I roast meatball. And the day is not so good. This sun bakes my skin. Customers are stupid - instead of cooking useful food at home, they come to us. How am I wrong all my life!" - Sponge said and tried to get angry. He did not succeed. After all, deep in his heart, he still loved everyone and everything that surrounds him. But should be friends are right, to be optimistic is stupid - you must always condemn others and see that the world is rolling to the bottom, degrading and becoming more primitive.
"What a bad day." How tired I am. They do not appreciate me."
These words were heard by Sandy's squirrel. She was very surprised, because she was not used to seeing Sponge so sad.
"What's wrong with you, Bob?"
"I've been a child all my life. I perceived everything too joyfully. I was wrong."
"Why do you think so?"
"Patrick and Squidward told me this."
"And you listened to them? Do not you think that everyone talking about others has a view of himself? And is it very silly to advise? Maybe Patrick was just in a bad mood? Did Squidward just decided to impose his opinion on you and his views on life?"
"But they know me better than they do ..."
"No one can know about you, better than you!"
Spongebob reading a book online free
And then Sponge Bob sighed with relief. The tale of Sponge Bob for children again became familiar - the kid began to enjoy life, smile and be sincere. Nobody could know him better than he was. Do not listen to what other people advise, unless these others have achieved something significant and great. Remain yourself and listen to your heart.

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