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A Tale of a Dragon: How Dragon Became a Vegetarian

In the distant past, there were many dragons on the Earth and they knew how to talk like people. They were smarter than dinosaurs, lived in castles, grew vegetables and fruits, grazed cattle, and worked on creativity. The dragon Karl loved his family very much. He was ten years old, he studied well, played football, loved to fly with his parents and sister to the mountains, to observe nature from above. He incredibly loved to look at the trees from the top down, because from the big oaks, fir trees, poplars in a minute turned into tiny dots and merged into one green point. Huge houses and castles also became small, supposedly painted. In the clouds of the dragon of Charles surrounded the calm and silence, and still beautiful sunsets and dawns. The tale of the dragon tells how once Carl decided to argue with all the dragons and become a vegetarian.

Tale of dragons online: how Charles became the first vegetarian on Earth

Karl landed after the next flight and was very pleased. His wings grew stronger every day, he flew for two hours without interruption.
"Imagine," he told his sister Eliza, "I flew so far today that I saw colorful parrots. And I also saw beautiful chameleons and you can not imagine! Even an elephant I saw from afar! But frightened of it, quickly flew away!
"Here you are funny, elephants do not need to be afraid, they do not eat meat!
"So big and do not eat meat?" Karl was surprised.
Yes, they are not hunters at all, they eat grass, leaves, fruits, sometimes roots of trees. So it was from time immemorial and as you can see, elephants are still alive. But sometimes they are eaten by other animals. Including us - dragons used to eat elephants. But today there is nothing to touch them, because now we have learned how to grow domestic animals - ducks, chickens, sheep and others.
"But if elephants do not eat meat, then we do not have to eat meat either?" Thought Carl.

"There was not a single dragon on Earth who did not eat meat. Mom and Dad always told us that there was meat we will be too weak to fly and we can fall from the sky. "
"But if no one has yet given up meat, how can we know that this is true?" After all, elephants are not like weak animals.
Eliza shrugged her shoulders and went to teach her lessons. And Carl decided to try and prove his theory and give up meat. After all, he was always sorry to eat animals, he considered them his friends - a beautiful part of nature that fills the Earth with beauty. The next day, Karl asked his mother not to put him chops, and in the evening asked to cook mushroom climbing. In the morning Karl started eating only porridge and eggs, for lunch at school he bought soup without meat, at dinner he ate salads and fruits.
For a whole week, Carl did not eat meat. The weekend came, and my father told the family the joyful news:
"Tomorrow we fly to the gulf of colorful fish. This is an amazing place on Earth. Beautiful fish will jump from the waves of the ocean, somersault in the air and beautifully fall back into the waves. Annually, hundreds of thousands of dinosaurs fly to this place to see colorful fish, fascinating with their beauty. The sun's rays will shine on their scales, we will admire the action of the whole family. "
"But, Dad, you need to fly there for four hours? I have never flown so long. " Karl was frightened. He realized that he had not eaten meat for a week, and that his confidence in the strength of wings had decreased several times. Suddenly he is now weakened and will not be able to overcome the distance? Or is it worth it tonight to step back from the principles and eat meat to become strong like other dragons?
"Carl, this will be a tough test for you, because you need to fly without interruption and across the ocean." But I believe that you can do it, you're old enough. If you feel that you are not ready, you can stay home.
"I'm ready," Carl said, but there was a doubt in his voice.
The whole day the dragon thought, whether he is weak before his principles or is ready to continue not to eat meat out of love for animals. Or he will show weakness during the flight, and it will be deadly dangerous - to fall into the ocean. Is he ready to risk his life? Mom baked a duck for dinner and the smell of meat spread throughout the apartment. To not feel it, Carl flew out for a walk.

Tale of dragons for children: will Carl fly the ocean?

Flying in the sky, the dragon once again saw beautiful parrots, cute cats and squirrels. He admired the beauty of animals and noted that each of them has its own characteristics. How can Karl now start again to eat these beautiful creatures? The dragon definitely decided not to eat animals in the future. For dinner, instead of a duck, he imperceptibly ate beans, eggs, cottage cheese and nuts. In the morning I ate oatmeal with nuts and yoghurt. Drank juice from fresh fruit. He felt fine and full of energy. Although a little worried for flying into the sky, because he will be the first dragon, who will fly this distance, not having sustained the meat.
At ten in the morning the whole family flew to the open sky ahead to the fish, to look at their beauty. It was an amazing flight. Karl still did not see such beauty, because the family flew to the south. After an hour flight under them appeared amazing palms and monkeys. Then it was necessary to fly over the ocean, but dragons saw dolphins and whales in it. Carl was proud that he does not eat meat and protects the beauty of the planet. Four hours of flight passed quickly, because the dragon admired nature, he felt tired, but she was no stronger than usual fatigue during the flight from school.
After the flight, the dragons finally saw the fish. They were amazing beauty - orange, yellow, red, blue, purple colors merged on their scales and shook their beauty.
"It was worth the journey," Eliza said.
- That's great! - said my mother
"Family, I want to tell you something." For a whole week I did not eat meat. And in the long journey today I was convinced, I made the right choice. I did not feel any weakness in flight more than usual. Only love, interest and joy from contemplation of nature. I would like you to support my choice. I want to be a dragon-vegetarian.
"There, Carl. You spoiled the whole mood. - Eliza said.
"How did you not eat meat?" - Mom was shocked.
"Son, I accept your choice." Said the pope. - I am proud that my son has his own point of view and his choice.
The fairy tale of a good dragon ended happily, because the hero's parents were intelligent and kind. We wish you good night and sweet dreams!

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