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Peppa Pig Story read online

Peppa Pig is a famous cartoon character that soon has become very popular and well loved among children. She is like a child herself - curious, amusing, active and brave. Most of all things she loves her family. How can you not love such witty and creative parents and younger brother? Only a few of us know that this piggy doesn't just live on the screen but we have this facsinating tale about Peppa Pig . This tale tells us that Peppa went to school but no one could see her. Let's find out together why this happened and can you be invisible in a real life?

Peppa Pig Story online: Peppa's adventures

One day Peppa said that she does not want to do her homework. Her friends did not do it either, so why do you need to study if all girls will become wives, get married and their main goal will be pie making? Her parents were very surprised at this Peppa's behaviour.
" I do not want to study anything. I would rather spare time on me and my beauty. Then I would find the best husband for me and he would give me more presents. But if I keep study I will not have enough time for myself."
At first, her parents wanted to scold their daughter but then decided to give her a lesson. The next day Peppa came to school, she was afraid that she would be punished as she had not done her homework. So she pretended as if everything was fine and she was not afraid of any teachers' judgements. But after the first lesson Peppa noticed that she was not just scolded but she was not even noticed. She sighed with a relief and came to a little wolf Danny.
"What a wonderful weather outside, isn't it?"
But it was like Danny didn't see her and heard nothing. Peppa thought that he was daydreaming about something delicious, maybe he did not have breakfast and was thinking about steak?
Then she went outside and strided up to Granddad Dog who was sitting on the bench and reading a newspaper.
"Granddad Dog, what are you reading about?"
But he also answered nothing. The bell rang and piggy ran to her classroom, she came in and started to yell.
"Yo-ho, can anybody see me? Why aren't you talking to me?"
Everybody was silent and doing their stuff, placing textbooks at desks, opening exercise books, when teacher entered the classroom everybody got up and greeted. Peppa was sitting at the second desk and crying. She packed her things up and went home but her parents was also not noticing her.
"If no one sees me who will observe my beauty?"
The pig was so upset that she opened her book and started doing homework. When she finished she went downstairs to grab a banana. Suddenly her Daddy Pig saw her.
"Hello, my dear daughter, why aren't you at school?"
"Do you see me?" wondered Peppa.
"How can I not see you, my sweetie?"
"Oh, dear! I'm so happy! You cannot imagine but before I haven't done my homework nobody had noticed me."
"That's because one can only see a pig when it is intelligent. And this is the main quality of pigs, you have learnt your homework and became smart, now everyone will notice you. Especially if you don't hide at lessons but raise your hand!"
Peppa was very glad that she's seen and since then she has decided that beauty is may be useful but you also need to be intellegent so only then everyone will notice you and respect you.

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