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Bedtime Story of The Poop read online

The Poop journey began in the morning. She ducked into the toilet and rushed down the water pipes. She was surrounded by a lot of water, and then waste from the whole block joined her. All unnecessary, rotten, old things joined the journey with a poop. Suddenly, she saw a small Golden ring with a diamond in the stream. The ring was very sad, because it was supposed to adorn the girl’s finger, and not swim along the sewer pipes. The bedtime story of the Poop will tell you how not to lose heart and believe in the best, even if you were thrown out and it seems that nobody needs you.

Bedtime Story of The Poop for kids

The Poop swam to the Golden ring.
“How did you find yourself here, Ms. Beautiful ring?”
“My belodev owner accidentally dropped me into the toilet. Just a week ago, I lived surrounded by gold rings with diamonds and emeralds in a jewelry salon. It was so clean, everything shone with beauty, a lot of people looked at us enthusiastically, everyone wanted us. I was chosen by one handsome gentleman, and then presented to his beautiful girlfriend. But this morning the girl dropped me. Now I am surrounded by waste. Life is over.”
“Come on. You are such a beautiful ring, even here you attract attention. It is my life over, I stink, I certainly won’t bring any benefit to anyone. It is time to be reborn. And you ... You just need to get out of this waste stream. You will find new better future.
“It's impossible. The stream is carrying us into the river, I have no legs and no arms. I just go with the flow, nobody will notice my beauty here.”

The Poop decided that it was unfair, the Ring must be saved. She looked at a piece of bread crust that was floating next to them.
“Rather, wrap yourself in this bread crust.”
“What for?”
“Trust me!”
The Ring pressed against the crust. When the waste fell into the river, the Poop pushed the ring to the side, it floated along the stream where the fish lived. One fish swallowed the bread crust, and with it the ring. The poop can only hope that a man will catch a fish and find a ring in the fish.

Many years later. Once, on a beach, a young girl took off her beautiful diamond ring and laid it on a table next to a fruit basket. The ring shone beautifully in the sun. Suddenly a Mango spoke to him.
“Hello! Are you the Ring that was once lost in the sewers?”
“How do you know about my story?”
“I am a mango, but in a past life I was a poop. I was buried in a huge hole, where I became black soil. And then a tree was planted in black soil. Mango grew from a small bone. I fed mango, gave him many useful substances. I was reborn and now I'm part of the mango, now I smell good, people want to eat me. The only pity is that soon again my fairy tale of the Poop will come true after your mistress eats me.

“How glad I am to see you! You once saved my life! Do you want me to try to make sure that you won’t be eaten? Will you live happily ever after?”
“Living forever is impossible. If they don’t eat me, I will rot. Better I will give pleasure to your mistress and again I will become unnecessary to anyone. This time, I know that in reality a poop is just a moment in my life, and then again I will find a rebirth.”

Soon the girl nevertheless ate the mango, but the Ring remained on her finger. Sometimes the little ring regretted that his life was so stable and predictable, and the bedtime story of poop is a constant circle of travels and rebirths. Who is the Poop now? Is it feeding potatoes or sunflowers, wheat or pineapples? Or maybe again it is in the sewers? Or did it become part of some kind of plant again? Or a home for worms?

Children's bedtime story of the poop came to an end. This is a metaphorical and symbolic story, its meaning is that everything in our life is temporary. If a person has everything bad now, it seems that nobody needs him, this is temporary.

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