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The Adventures of a Little Brave Truck

Once upon a time in a snug and warm house lived a little boy called Vania. Like most of the boys of his age he liked to play with his friends, watch interesting animated movies and read car tales.
Most of all Vania enjoyed the story about Rescue Team that's why he was dreaming to get Robocar Poli as his birthday present. And what was his disappointment when he received an ordinary toy truck with a red body and blue cab instead of that he had been dreaming of. Vania threw it into the the basket with old toys and soon forgot about it. Every evening his mom read different amusing stories about everything in this world to her son and as long as car stories are the most popular among boys they were read in this room more often. A little truck enjoyed listening to the stories about a brave rescue team and was secretly dreaming of gaining such popularity. The toy was upset that no one was playing with him in fact living in an old box was boring and sad. The little truck hoped that if it could show itself as a brave rescue worker then Vania would change his mind and like it for sure.

Story About Little Cars or How to Become a Hero

Days after days were passing with dreams and expectations of the moment for this act of bravery. Now and then the little truck woke up believing that today something will happen that will change its life, sometimes it became really despair and upset. But these amusing evening stories told by Vania's mother did not let the toy give up and inspired it with courage and optimism.

Once Vania's toys started to argue about who were more important: robots or dinosaurs, a little truck supported firsts as they almost always won. But one day it saw that robots played unfairly and dinosaurs were about to loose. That was so awful that the little truck changed his favorites as those who play foul do not deserve any respect or support.
"I wish they could move faster, everything would be differently," said the little truck and before it understood, it was already on his way to help dinosaurs.
"Hope in, I'll give you a lift!" shouted it and rushed into the attack with the main dinosaur in its cab. The other old cars followed the example of a brave little truck and thanks to them dinosaurs could attacked robots faster and won this unfair game.

A little boy was very surprised by this act his forgotten toys did, he realized his mistake came up to the toy truck and took it.
"I could not have thought that you are so brave. You rushed to assist dinosaurs as robocar Poli with its Rescue Team. I am proud of you my truck Poli!"
The little truck was truly happy as well as all old cars as Vania thought that it was badly to forget his old friends and he never left toys in an old box again but played with them one at a time.

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