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Bedtime story about Coronavirus

Leo had been at home for three weeks. His parents continued to go to work, and he was alone all day. At first he really liked it! There was no need to wake up early, learn lessons, listen to comments from teachers because he was running in the corridor. There was no need to wear a heavy backpack and a boring uniform. But every day Leo was getting more boring. His apartment began to seem like a cage. He felt more and more incoherent, did not see friends. Even his grandmother could not come to his apartment to cook her incredibly delicious pies with cabbage. Then Leo decided to put an end to quarantine. To do this, he decided to meet with the evil virus and convince to leave Earth. This bedtime story about Coronavirus will tell you whether he succeeded.

The story of coronavirus for kids read online

Leo knew that he had such a long quarantine because of some new and dangerous virus. But also the boy knew that everyone could be negotiated. It is only necessary to apply the art of negotiation. He waited for the parents to leave for work and took out a hat for magic tricks, a magic wand and instructions for magic from the closet.

“Here is a spell to call a lodge, here is a spell to call a genie, and this one is for sun bunny. Where is the spell for the appearance of coronavirus?” Leo leafed through the instructions and could not find any spells to cause the virus. Then the boy understood.
“The virus is very young, and the instructions are old! There is no spell for coronavirus! You have to come up with it yourself.”

Leo armed himself with inspiration and began to compose. He invented a verse for a long time and finally invented it!

“Oh great Coronavirus!
Come out if you're not a coward.
Talk to you I want
I will get an answer to my question.”

The boy closed the curtains, took flour and a magic wand, put on a magic cap and laid out a circle of socks in the middle of his room. He repeated his spell:

“Oh great coronavirus!
Come out if you're not a coward.
Talk to you I want
I will get an answer to my question.”

He poured flour into the circle from the socks, trotted with a magic wand and said:

At that moment in the middle of the circle appeared a small Coronavirus. Leo quickly put on his mask.
“Oh, dear Coronavirus! Do not come to me! I want to talk seriously with you!
“I can't come to you. I have no legs. But I can’t stay long here.”
“Because I can not live outside a living organism. I can only live in someone’s body. Yours would suit me well.”
“No, dear Coronovirusist! Mine would suit you badly, I'm 11 years old! Therefore, my immunity would destroy you.”
“Do you have a grandmother or grandfather?”
“I have a grandmother. But we protect her and do not go to her. Therefore, you could not jump out of me into her.”
“You're so smart.”
“Thanks. You are also very smart. Tell me please, could you and all your friends and relatives stop living in a people?”
“You're kind of a smart boy, and you ask such nonsense. If we stop sharing and multiplying, we will die. Who wants to die?”
“You're right. But if you divide and multiply too much, then all people and living organisms will die. And it turns out that you will no longer have a place to live.”
“It’s logical! - said the virus. - What can we do?”
“We need to find a compromise. Story of the coronavirus remained in history. You see, humanity is progressing very fast. We have already invented cars and rockets.”
“Your cars pollute the environment. I think that the planet helped us multiply in order to stop you, because you are too polluting our Earth! And we are stopping you now to do it.”
“And if I promise you that I will only ride a bicycle and ask my dad to buy an electronic car? You will leave?”
“You shouldn’t agree with me, you should come up with the planet. My mission is to survive.”
“And I can promise you that I won’t use plastic bags and litter.”
“I see you are a good boy. Only your socks are smelly. When will I be able to get out of this vicious circle of smelly socks?”
“Wait a bit! I want to promise you something else! I love my planet. I also want to help Ilona Mask build rockets so that we can fly from Earth. And if in space we find a planet for viruses? And can you live there? Are we here? And everyone will love each other.
“This is a good idea.”
“Can you tell the one who made you this?”
“I'll try. Oh boy. It seems my time has come. I'm disappearing.”
“Thank you, Coronavirus! I was glad to talk with you! In fact, you are not so scary.”
“I am strong because we are all united. If you people want to defeat us, you must also unite as well.”

Having said that, the Coronavirus disappeared. Leo hoped that the virus would convey his promises to the planet and the planet would forgive humanity. But it remains to agree with the other side - with humanity! Therefore, Leo went on the Internet and began to write to many people a request to love our planet and not to pollute it. After all, we here are just guests, not at all masters. And also Leo washed his socks. Now its have good smell.
The bedtime story about coronavirus came to an end. Do you love our planet?

Author - Margarita Surzhenko

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