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The Bedtime Story of The Hulk

The Hulk always knew that he was strong and different from the other guys. But once his own power surprised even him. The Hulk was sitting in a cafe and saw through the window a lovely girl who, under an umbrella, was heading to the subway. But the robbers ran up to her, grabbed her purse. The girl fell into a puddle, and the umbrella flew away. The bedtime story of the Hulk tells about how the strength of the young man helped save the girl.

The Tale of the Hulk for Children

The Hulk immediately threw his food and ran out. He quickly helped the girl rise and rushed for the robbers. Having caught them in the alley, he shouted:
“Quickly give me back her bag!”
“No!” - shouted one of the thieves. He was very young, but he was very arrogant and was not going to return the stolen goods.

Instead, he threw his purse to his partner, who had already climbed over the fence. From such impudence, the Hulk was very angry and for the first time in his life turned into a real green monster in front of the robbers. They were taken aback by fear and frozen. One of them even put in pants for fear. The Hulk was shocked at how strong he had become as well. Hulk hit the thief, and he flew off very high, and then fell on the asphalt, his bones crackled, the thief groaned in pain. Then Hulk headed for the fence and hit it. The fence flew to the side. The second robber nearly cried out of fear, he threw girl’s purse at the Hulk and began to run away.
“It's just a bedtime story of the Hulk, - said the amazed girl who managed to run into the alley. The Hulk handed her purse. - Thank! My name is Lucy.”
“Nice to meet you.”
Suddenly, they heard the first criminal groan, who was lying on the pavement in wet pants and with broken legs. The Hulk and Lucy ran to him. He was very young and pity with his frightened appearance. The girl quickly called an ambulance.

“I am beging you, don’t tell the police about me. I really don't want to go to jail. I just needed the money.”
“Why didn’t you go to work?”
“I'm from a poor family and can't do anything.”
“I am also from a poor family, but that did not stop me from studying and finding a job!” - said the girl.
When the doctors arrived, Lucy and Hulk went to the hospital with them. They were very sorry for the young man, and the green monster generally felt guilty for what had happened. His bedtime story of the Hulk turned into a force that not only saved, but also hurt others. From this he was hurt, ashamed and sad inside himself.
“Hulk, you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened,” Lucy told him while they were in the hospital. “You were saving me.”
“But I hit him so hard. Now his bones are broken because of me.”
“He made his choice. He stole my bag. And you protected me.” - Lucy took his hand. Hulk got a little better.
“I would not want to be so strong.”
“If you have this power, then someone needs it. For example, me!”
So the Hulk became a little calmer for himself, and he was no longer afraid of his power.

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