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The Tale of Ben Ten

One day Ben Ten woke up and saw that there was not his favorite watch on his arm, but a crackle-watch. On his hand flaunted fashionable, intelligent watch from the famous brand, but where did the Omnitrix go? They were the ones who gave him the power to turn into extraterrestrials and fight evil? The tale of Ben Ten tells how the boy lost the omnitriks.

The Tale of Ben Ten for Children

Ben Ten quickly ran to Gwen.
"It seems to me or is it not my Omnitriks?" He asked her excitedly.
"Indeed, it's a fashionable gadget. All my classmates dream about it. Don't you like it?"
"Gwen, wake up! I lost the Omnitriks! If now an alien entity attacks us, how will I fight it?"

At the same moment someone called at the door. Gwen looked in the peephole and saw there jelly aliens mutant. Previously, Ben Ten could easily defeat him, turning into a human fire. But now there was only a crackle on it.

"Ben, what can you do with the jelly monster in this watch?"
"I'll take a look. I can know my pulse. He is tall. Number of steps. I can pay for my purchases with the help of a watch. Read the messages."
"Ben, the jelly monster is already climbing through the doorway."

Indeed, the jelly monster began to proliferate into the door slits and grow. Very soon he could completely fill the whole room. Jumping from the tenth floor was a bad idea, but staying in an apartment with a jelly monster was suicidal.

"I figured it out!" - Ben Ten with the help of watches quickly found on the Internet information about what the jelly monsters are afraid of.
"He is afraid of egg yolk and tickling. Gwen, carry eggs from the refrigerator and throw it into it. And I'll tickle him."

In ten minutes they overcame the monster. That's just the whole quartile Gwen was in the remains of jelly and eggs.
"Now my place is like a chicken coop. Ben, if you continue to search the Internet for how to kill monsters ... The tale of Ben Tena turn into a nightmare! You need to return the watch urgently!"
"I think I remembered where I lost my watch! In the pool!"

Ben Ten took off his watch and put it in the storage box. And in the next box was the watch of another boy, who was swimming in the pool. It remains only to find that guy. I did not have to search long. The news showed a fiery person who was sitting in the center of the city and was crying.

"Aah, save me, I'm burning. I'm scared, aah - a fiery person and cried, and screamed."

Gwen and Ben Ten quickly ran to save the boy, who had no idea how to handle omnitriks. They quickly took the fiery person to a safe place, reassured, and then exchanged for hours.

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