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Pasha and Slavik met each other in a line to the doctor. The line was long, but the boys were not upset, because they had their favorite gadgets. While their mothers bored and yawned, Pasha and Slavik played Minecraft. But an hour passed and at the same time the boys ran out of phones. Pasha looked at the power socket, which was at the opposite end of the corridor. Slavik at that moment also saw the socket. The guys looked at each other and jumped from the bench. With all their might, they rushed to charge the phone, so that their tale of Maycraft became a reality. They fled with all their might, overcoming small snotty children, nurses, mothers, toys on the way. They walked almost foot in foot. And a meter from the socket, a cleaner appeared on the way. She inserted her charger into a socket and swung a mop at Slavik and Pasha.

"Do not run here!" - she cried.

Slavik and Pasha were upset and turned back. They had to sit in line for another two hours. How will they while away time if their favorite game is not available?

"Go to the dining room, buy yourself some pies!" - Slavik's mother suggested and gave him money to treat Pasha. The boys shrugged and went to the dining room. There they met and bought juice and pies. They sat down by the window and began a conversation.

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"How long have you been playing Minecraft?" asked Pasha.
"I've been playing more than a year! This is my favorite war game!"
“But is this a war game? On my opinion this is a game about creativity! The sandbox in which you build what you want! Your own world!"
“No, that's not interesting! It is much more interesting to go to someone and steal his buildings and destroy the buildings." - having said this, Slavik threw a dirty napkin past the urn.

Pasha shook his head and realized that there was nothing to talk about with this boy. Suddenly, he saw his Minecraft's friend Grisha.
"Grisha! Hello!" - the boys shook hands!
"Yesterday I built such a beautiful garden near our castle, have you seen?"
"I've seen! And I built a dungeon!"
"Tell me how to get in there!"

Pasha wanted to tell, but suddenly remembered that Slavik was sitting behind him and was listening. Therefore, he changed the topic of conversation. Soon Misha left with his mother. Slavik asked Pasha:

"Do you really have friends in this Minecraft story? Everybody hates me there. And I consider there are only my enemies! For me this is a game of war!"
"I have many friends. We have united in a coalition and are building a large castle. We have many defensive towers, beautiful castles, dungeons, statues, houses. Some of our guys build real architectural art, others protect them from lead and zombies, or warriors like you."

“But your friends can betray you!”
"We trust each other. Alone, you never create a city like ours."
"Can I come to you? It seems that this is some kind of fairy tale about Minecraft."

Pasha looked at Slavik cautiously. It seemed to him that if this boy is allowed to join the coalition, he will immediately destroy everything. After all, he loved war games, not creativity.
"I will consult with other guys and let you know!"

Slavik decided at all costs to get to Pasha in the city in order to conquer him and appropriate him. But he was afraid that Pasha would guess his cunning plans. Slavik was very surprised when Pasha called him and said that he was accepted into their coalition. On the first day, Slavik walked and dreamed in the new city how he would destroy it, how he would kill other coalition members and appropriate everything for himself. But the guys were so kind to him, sweetly and politely told him about the city, shared their resources. For the first time in his life, the boy felt that someone needed him. Then he decided not to destroy this city, but to become part of the team. He joined friends and also began to build statues and dungeons.

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