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Story about love for kids

When a brother appeared in Jenny's family, she was not happy at all. Previously, her parents loved her so much, paid full attention to her, gave all the toys only to her. When Thomas appeared in their family, her mother always carried him in her arms. It seemed to Jenny that everyone had forgotten about her. Of course, her parents often told her that they loved her very much, and the baby was still very small, so he needed more attention. But Jenny did not want to believe it, and she really needed all the love of mom and dad. A Love fairy tale will tell us how Jenny grew up and understood a lot about her feelings.

Love story for kids read online

When Thomas was a child, Jenny tried to attract the attention of their parents. She suddenly began to crawl, although she had long been able to walk. The girl began to babble instead of speaking in words and sentences. But her parents quickly figured out her tricks and explained that she was much older than Thomas and that her behavior was unreasonable. Finally, Jenny gave up and began to behave as before. But her brother still could not be loved by her. She helped mom and dad with him, changed diapers, rocked the stroller but longed for the good old days when the whole world revolved only around her.

Five years later, Thomas became very ill. Jenny was already ten years old, so her mother asked for help to treat her brother.

"Thomas needs to drink a lot of tea. I am going to make him soup, measure his temperature, ventilate the room, give him pills, and it will be your duty to make him tea: you need to make tea every hour — Raspberry, ginger, currant, mint, lemon. So I don't remind you, okay?"

"All right," Jenny replied, not even looking at her mother but watching the video on TikTok. Mom didn't like it. She asked her daughter to distract herself and look at her:
"Understand that to be cured, and you need to drink plenty of fluids all the time. But the main thing is to make tea with love. Fine?"
"Fine!" the girl repeated and went to make tea. She looked at the phone and, at the same time, put currants, mint and lemon in a cup. She poured boiling water over it all and carried her brother to drink.
When she entered, brother sneezed directly at his sister.
"You will infect me! Sneeze more carefully! I brought you tea." - Jenny started to drink her brother, not stopping to watch TikTok. Finally, the brother drank everything and turned away. Dasha was surprised. Thomas liked to tease her, take away her phone, watch cartoons. But now, he looked very weak, pale and did not look like himself. The girl was suddenly frightened, and it finally dawned on her that her brother was seriously ill. She returned to the kitchen and asked herself:
"I added berries, mint, lemon to the tea. But I think I forgot something. What did I forget?" - Jenny scratched her head. "Exactly! Love! How to add it?"
The girl had no idea how to add a love story for kids to her tea. Maybe she needs to say a spell? Or add sugar?

Love fairy tale

Dasha looked into the room to check how her brother was feeling. He was still ill.
"Oh, so my tea was without love. New tea needs to be prepared differently."
This time, Jenny almost did not look at the phone, only occasionally looking at her videos' likes. The girl's main focus was on tea. Now she added raspberries and ginger to the cup. There is more ginger because Thomas loved it very much. Be sure to two teaspoons of honey. Two teaspoons because this is Thomas's favorite number. He liked to order two burgers at McDonald's, buy two apples and two ice creams at the store. One thing he always gave her.

Jenny scrolled through many moments in her head and realized that her brother was not so bad. She was much happier with him, although her parents had less attention, and she had more responsibilities. But she would very, very, very much not want to be the only child in the family again. Finally, Jenny poured boiling water over the tea and whispered:
"Please, please, recover Thomas! I miss you!"

She brought her brother tea, blew tea to cool him, began to drink the patient. He was still weak. This time the sister did not go back to the kitchen. She decided to sit with her brother. He fell asleep; she covered him with a blanket and hugged him. And an hour later, she ran to make another tea. The third worked! Thomas drank it and did not want to sleep.
"I think I'm better. Can we watch cartoons?" - he asked. Jenny was very happy! Finally, her tea worked.
"I don't think I ever told you that. I didn't know myself. But do you know that? I love you very much! So you have to recover as soon as possible!"
"I'll try! - smiled the boy. - Can I have more tea? You are so delicious!"
Jenny was happy with such a compliment and ran to make tea. She made tea for Thomas and her mother and father because she understood how much she loved her family and was glad to be born in it. In each cup, she laid down a lot of her love.

A story about love for kids has come to an end. Do you love your family? Do you make tea with love?

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