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Fairy tale of space and stars

Have you ever thought how many stars there are in the sky? Have you ever wanted to count them? Starry sky is a great mystery that attracted adults and children to unusual bright lights and interesting phenomena. But it turns out how we see it - just a beautiful wrapper, but in fact there is a whole starry world with its stories, adventures and other interesting events. Which ones? Our fairy tale of space and stars, about Medveditsa and Polar Star will tell about this. Therefore, take a seat more conveniently.

A fascinating starry world or a fairy tale of space and the North Star

Since ancient times, there are many small bright stars in the sky, which are almost the most beautiful creatures in the world. Their shining clothes are a real opportunity for pride, because they attract even people – strange creatures that live on one of the planets. Why strange? Because the stars could never understand people’s way of life: they were always in a hurry somewhere, even without knowing the way, exposing themselves to the danger of getting lost, rarely thought about what the world really is and what their purpose is. Cares, cares and worries. And their life passed on one of the most picturesque planets of the Universe.

Stars could not understand how people could live, because they never hurried anywhere, lived in a measured and constant way thinking about the high meaning of life, heavenly harmony and the incredible beauty of the universe. Most of all they were interested and were carried away by laws that guided their world, which was called the Cosmos. In it, with incredible speed, the comets, meteorites and entire systems of planets swept, while their routes were so precise and harmonious that they did not collide with each other. This was the heavenly harmony - a very well thought-out system of rules and laws that all heavenly bodies clearly adhered to.
In their spare time, the asterisks rejoiced in their outfits, sang stellar songs and even drove a stellar dance. True, he was very different from what people understood under the dance. The reason for this is simple - the asterisks were forbidden to move from place to place, so their movements were extremely limited. Little beauties were surprised, but they never resented or protested, realizing that this is one of the rules of heavenly harmony. In general, the habit of resentment is also inherent only in people.

Once during one entertainments the Polar Star - the brightest star on the sky began to talk about people:
"Look, they're lost again."
"Who?" Asked one of her friends.
"The sailors! They swam in the wrong direction. Well, how is it possible to go on the trip, but have no idea in the world? "
"Sure" another heavenly beauty answered. "Now the Chumaks are lost. They will have to look for salt for long time"
"And if they find it, they will again get lost on the way at home," the Polar Star laughed sarcastically and suddenly fell silent. It seemed to her that it was wrong to laugh at people who lived so far down and good the stars.
The North Star was not only the brightest, but also was very kind and intelligent. So she instantly came up with an interesting idea:
"What if we become pointers for people? We will show them the way. We still can not move away from each other, so people will easily remember some of our groups and navigate in space. And for better understanding, we will now quickly draw a map of the starry sky. "
"Great idea! - supported the North Star one of her closest neighbors. - And I still suggest that we name the names of our groups. For example, Mizar, Mirak and their girlfriends are very similar to a bear. Why do not they call out? "
"Hmm, and you look like a little bear!" Laughed Mizar
"Big and Little Dipper! - summed up the North Star, - in my opinion, sounds great. The tale of the Polar Star and the Little Dipper is a good name for a new and interesting story."
"Polaris, you can then fantasize about your adventures, and now we'll finish what we started? - interrupted her thoughts Mizar. "

"Oh sure! You need to draw a map to help people. "
"That's how the constellations were formed in the starry sky, and for a long time people have become accustomed to navigating through them. Therefore, if you do not know something, do not forget to lift your head from time to time to the sky. Small bright beauties are always ready to help. "

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