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Bedtime story of sausage

Bedtime Story of Sausage

The sausage family felt very good in the store. They had large possessions. Huge regiments were stuffed various types of them. Every day, hundreds of people came to the store just because of sausages, put them in baskets, and then at home in the refrigerator. Children and adults ate sausages with pleasure with pasta, rice, potatoes. In the yard, in the house, in the woods, at school, at a party, all days and nights. Our bedtime story of sausage tells about how the era of meat made at the factory came to an end.

The Sausage Story

The family of sausages constantly offended vegetables that were opposite.

“Vile vegetables, nobody likes you!” - laughed a Mrs. Big Sausage.
“Sluggish carrot, nobody needs you!” - shouted Mr. Salami Sausage.
“Dirty potatoes are the food of the poor!” - laughed little Babies Sausages.
“Why are you so quit? Are you meditating again? Haha!” - Smoked Meat.

The vegetables were very peaceful and silent. They did not argue with anyone and silently waited for a person to pick them up and cook them. Vegetables were ready to give people their vitamins and building materials for cells.

“Mom, why are other sausages so angry and offend vegetables?” - asked her mother a Small Baby Sausage Eva.

“You haven’t heard them screaming at an avocado yet.” - answered mother.
“What is avocado?”
“I really do not know. People buy it very rarely.”

The Sausage Short Story read online

Times have changed. Journalists began to write more and more about the dangers of sausages. The stories of sausage has ceased to be so joyful, because they are bought less and less. But the shelves with vegetables grew. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage continued to be very calm and silent. If no one knew about the avocado before, now buyers asked about it several times an hour and everyone wanted to buy it. A lot of salads with avocado appeared on the Internet, in cafes it was cooked more often, but no one was promoting sausages. On the contrary, buyers talked a lot of bad things about them.

“Allegedly, we are not healthy! Allegedly there is no meat in us, nothing natural! Why then are vegetarians not eating us?” - asked one Sausage her neighbor.
“They are obsessed with health!” - answered another Sausage.

As a result, sausages were becoming quieter and more respectful of vegetables. They were afraid that the number of vegetables would grow even more and soon they would begin to humiliate a sausage family. But this did not happen. After all, vegetables have long known Buddhism and were in the moment here and now. They were absolutely not worried about both the rude statements of the sausage and their flattery.

Finally, the day came when the store closed the shelves with sausages and stopped selling them. But no one knew that the Baby Sausage Eve had fallen behind food shelf for a long time ago. She got lost and lay there in the dark, no one heard her. She lay in fear of being eaten or humiliated by vegetables. During this time, she learned to crawl, because she was pushing herself off the floor every day. She crawled out at night to the Wise Celery and asked him:

“I stayed the last of the family. The factories were closed, now I'm not in the trends. What should I do, wise celery? Nobody needs me nowadays.”

Eve was afraid that celery was in a meditative trance or was holding a grudge against her because her relatives were rude. But Wise Celery just smiled and said:

“Everything is changing. Rather than hiding behind a closet and living in fear, it’s better to give yourself to the one you need.”

Finally, Eve stopped being afraid and smiled. She crawled all night to the exit and in the morning, when the store was opened, she crawled out into the street and began to wait for the dog. She got rid of fear, lay on the grass, looked at the sky. Sausage was finally happy.

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