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Princess Tales or Why You Shouldn’t Get Lazy

Once upon a time in a far-far kingdom in a family of a mighty King and wise Queen two daughters were born. They were as like as two peas since their birth was on the same day. The Queen and the King put their great hopes in girls as they would gain their throne in future. That’s why parents paid their attention into educating and bringing up their lovely daughters: young princesses had been learning foreign languages, Maths, courtesy rules and other sciences that would be useful for future queens since early childhood. Moreover parents had decided not to tell their daughters about their high noble titles in order they would grow up kind and supportive girls. Then while reading or watching tales about princesses, girls didn’t even suspect that they also belonged to that title. The Queen thought that such decision would keep her daughters from abnormal pride and vanity and, as we see, she indeed was a wise woman.

Princess Tales: Adventures at Lazy Land read online

However, our fate can be unpredictable and cruel. Embraced in parents’ love, proper education and having good mentors the girls were living as in paradise until one day they met a mystical strange woman in their garden. That was Lady Laziness, she could get into the royal place under the pretence of a good fairy. The girls were watering and planting flowers when she came up to them and asked why those graceful and elegant girls were doing such dirty and unattractive work. Princesses were surprised and a little embarrassed as no one had ever asked about it before, moreover everyone share work at home so they couldn’t imagine that it might be the other way. This tricky stranger told the girls that there was also a jobless life with eternal holidays, dances, joy and amusement and it was not in far-far lands from them but in the neighboring kingdom – Lazy Land. Girls became curious as lately they have read a story about Prince and Princess and as they met at ball. Both girls dreamed about their beloved princes, beautiful dresses and eternal joy that’s why they followed wily Lady to the Lazy Land without any hesitation.

On the first day princesses were indeed in joy and spent it light-hearted and amused. But next morning they were starving and realized that the last time they had a meal was dinner at home. Girls rushed to the kitchen but saw nothing except dirty dishes there. Without having a clue they run to eat in a restaurant but what was their surprise when they did not find any food there and the chef was idly sitting onto the couch and reading a newspaper.
“Well if it is so, we can buy a pastry for breakfast,” said one of the sisters and made for the shop. The other sister also supported and hoped that they could, at last, find any food there. But a bad fortune was also waiting for the princesses there, a shop man told the girls that they ran out of food and he was too lazy to order new and his baker was not going to bake rolls today, he was up to have a rest and sleep enough. Poor girls were really scared having seen these piles of dirty dishes after the ball, torn dresses of the other princesses, it seemed no one was going to sew the garment, dead flowers in the garden of a castle where the girls were led by Lady Laziness. They realized how harmful it was to do nothing. While tricky Laziness was still in her bed, princesses hurried back home. Fortunately, it was not so far and parents did not notice that the girls were missing as the time at Lazy Land moves differently in a slow way.
But the King and the Queen could not help noticing the girls’ extreme persistency in work that made them very glad. Happy parents decided that it was the right time to tell their daughter about their titles. Sisters were very happy and arranged a ball they dreamed of since they have learnt to read books about princesses. The fest was succeeded to be splendid and full of entertainment, and the girls understood that to have a good rest you shouldn’t get lazy but work hard.

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